USA Football
Posted Mar 18, 2013

JDYFL has joined with USA FOOTBALL and the NFL to make football safer with "HEADS UP TACKLING".  You will not find a league more dedicated to the safety of your child.


Age, not weight should determine playing divisions
Posted Oct 21, 2011

Backed by the NFL, JDYFL is getting it right says USA Football the National Governing Body for Youth Football.  JDYFL divisions are based on age not weight.  JDYFL does not allow 6th grade players to play with 3rd grade players.


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Welcome to Jefferson District Youth Football League (JDYFL), the largest youth football league in Central where the child comes first. JDYFL was formed with a vision to establish a football league that would give all children a place to play regardless of the child's size or financial background, unlike other organizations who discriminate againts children. JDYFL is committed to keeping the registration at an affordable rate so that all children have the opportunity to play. Unlike other leagues in which the goal is to make money for the National Organization. JDYFL primarily serves children who live in Albemarle, Augusta, Charlottesville, Fluvanna, Luisa, Greene, Nelson and Orange; however, if you live outside one of these counties, you are still welcome to play.

Unlike other leagues, JDYFL divides its players into four age-based groups, which USA Football and the NFL have determined is the best way for the saftey of your child.

"Explores Division" Ages 5/6/7

"Founders Division" Ages 8/9

"Governors Division" Ages 10/11

"Presidents Division" Ages 12/13

JDYFL keeps children of the same age and social development together by placing children within approximately two years of each other on the field to learn, develop, and compete against one another. This has been determined to be the best way for a child to play and learn read more here

JDYFL is both an instructional and competitive league. The competition however, must be confined to the field of play, and done so in such a manner that the game and all of the participants are respected. JDYFL will not tolerate the lack of sportsmanship in any form from players, coaches, parents, or fans. This includes any behavior that would reflect negatively on the league on and off of the playing field. JDYFL does acknowledge that winning is a part of athletic competition; however, the way you win is as important as winning itself. JDYFL will not accept anything less than respect for self, the other players, coaches, fans, and most importantly - respect for the game.

Registration Closes August 1st
Practice can begin on August 1st
Mandatory book check August 21st
Season play begins opening weekend September 9th!